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We search and we find co-workers
for large corporations, ambitious digital-agencies and start-ups
How do we do the task?
We help great companies employ great co-workers.
What if you could have a dream-team?
Right, not only your work, the whole planet will go faster.
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We are
recruiting agency
Devhunt's team
Our mission is
to find valuable experts and create effectively working teams.

How do we work

from 7 days
to fill your vacancies
50 000 CVs in our database and verified channels of search
We learn and widen our competence all the time
Payment after fulfilling the task.
If the candidate don't pass the probation period, we'll find another one
  • We thoroughly analyze the market
  • We search for specialists in your region
  • We find substitution for your key-workers
  • We create teams from the very beginning
What do we do
Main directions of search
Technical specialists
- Developers: PHP, Android, IOS, Ruby, C++, Go, Python, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Xamarin, .Net, Unity
- System Administrator
- Devops
- QA engineers
- Architect

- Game designer
- Art director
- 2d artist
- 3d artist
- Motion designer
- C++ game developer
- Balance game designer
- Unity developer
Content authors

- Copywriters
- Editors
- WEB and graphic designers
- UX/UI-designers
- Illustrators
Management and service
- Task leaders
- Product manager
- Project manager
- Sales manager
- HR manager
- Account manager
  • Talented frontend, backend programmers, designers, QA, product and project managers. An individual specialist or a whole team for rent
  • Specialists work directly with customers
  • If necessary, easy replacement of a specialist and transfer of expertise
  • Speed: our specialist will start immediately
Process of work

Make an application, tell us how many specialists you need and the necessary experience

We will collect a list of suitable candidates

We will organize interviews and test tasks
Start of work

We conclude a contract for team rental
  • We search for best specialists
  • We gather analysis and recommendations
  • We carry out the whole round of negotiations
  • We help the candidates to make a decision to join your project
Head hunting
Directions of search
  • We search on country and international scale — to find specialists ready to relocate
  • We accompany the whole process of relocation
  • We settle legal formalities
  • We help the employee and his (or her) family to settle down
Why we
We are ourselves a team
We know that a well-coordinated work and quick respond to changes are crucial
We accompany
applicant through the whole process of employment
We care
for reputation of our clients and comply with deadlines and agreements
86% of which are closed by direct search
2000 closed vacancies
IT- recruiter
Graduated from Polytechnic University, specialization on management. Accomplished my abilities in IT-recruiting. I search for co-workers for competitive and effective sales departments on every level, creative managers, careful and responsible accountants, economists, analytics, thoughtful HR and managers, whom you would like to follow. What do I really do? At first, I listen carefully to the client, then – to the candidate, and then – get them together for productive cooperation. I love to watch how people become part of some new project and the team gets an excellent new co-worker.

Hobby: collecting herbarium, painting, riding a bicycle.

There is an idea I haven't accomplished yet: an assortment of funny avatars on CVs.
Ruby, Go, Erlang and other positions
9 years
of experience
closed vacancies
IT- recruiter
IT- recruiter
IT – specialists are the specialists for the future. So IT recruiter – is a guide from the present. My task: to help the candidate and the company find each other for long time to come or at least for a current project. My goal: to make the world a better place, by putting the right man at the right place. And as a bonus – I communicate with people, who live on the edge of new technology.

Hobby: confectionery: mousse cakes, profiteroles, trifles – are my relaxation and self-realization; I won in confectionary marathon.

There is an idea I haven't accomplished yet:
Founding of a volleyball school for adults that there will always be the place to play the game ;)
1С, Android, IOS, sales, e-commerce
10 years
of experience
closed vacancies
For a long time I've been working at recruitment for vacancies in sales. At the moment I am professionally recruiting technical specialists for rare and particular positions, search for management and line personnel.

The shortest time for closing a vacancy was 3 days. The most uncommon closed vacancy - head of the department of laboratory research of radiation monitoring.

Hobby: reading special literature on psychology, stretching.

There is an idea I haven't accomplished yet: moving to Italy. But the following year I'll manage to do this too.
3 years
of experience
closed vacancies
IT- recruiter
I find talented developers, who can add new and fresh look to any product and become part of a team. IT-recruiting — is not just a job, it's love. Also it is the best motivation not to relax and to keep on moving. Artificial intelligence and neural networks — these are exceptional challenges.

Hobby: photo, fishing, collecting memories and impressions.

There is an idea I haven't accomplished yet: to get to grips with spinning. But I am on it.
С++, Python, Objective C/Swift, Java/kotlin, Go, Php and other positions
5 years
of experience
closed vacancies
IT- recruiter
Working in IT recruiting, I feel myself as a gold digger, who just has found a huge goldmine. When on every wave of your hand – a gold nugget appears among the candidates.
I will help you to complete your dream team of shining stars.

Hobby: figure skating.

There is an idea I haven't accomplished yet: to perform an Axel.
Backend, IOS, Android, 1С programmers, analytics.
2,5 years
closed vacancies
Business development manager
Achieved my self-realization at working in IT-recruiting area. I easily come to an understanding with business, build trusting relations with our clients.

What do I do? I negotiate with clients, who need effective and highly qualified personnel and, with our team of recruiters, help to close company's vacancies. Satisfied and grateful clients very often recommend our agency to their business-partners.

Hobby: photo, traveling.

There is an idea I haven't accomplished yet: I want to become a fine psychologist and I'm working on it.
1С, С++, C#, PHP, Golang, Ruby, QA and QC specialists, managers, ROPs, HR, engineers, heads of departments
IT- recruiter
I started my journey at I -recruiting when I was working for 1С franchise company. Since then I consider that recruiting 1С specialists is my strong point. Also I am good at closing up backend vacancies and I am ready to gain new experience. IT–recruiting for me – is the reason to go with the times and keep up with new technology.

Hobby: volunteering, books, tasty food.

There is an idea I haven't accomplished yet: to take a trip around the world with my family.
1С programmers, Ruby, Frontend, Android, project managers, analytics, sales
3 years
of experience
closed vacancies
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